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Viele Disziplinen – Eine Einheit. Mit kreativen Denkern und engagierten Machern fördern, begleiten und beraten wir unsere Creators bei allen Ideen und Visionen, die ihnen in den Kopf kommen.

We follow the motto - only those who outgrow themselves every time will be able to offer better and better solutions.

There is still so much we want to do! How can we use the reach of our entire network of creators? We are looking into this question and will answer it with heyhey. in the future.

Leading with creativity,

succeeding with quality.

heyhey. Creators

Talent comes in all forms. Whether entrepreneur or artist, activist or athlete. We welcome anyone with an exciting vision and/or something to share.

Our goal is to realise the visions of our creators together with them in the future and to tackle many exciting projects. We still have room for many talented people! So feel free to get in touch with us.

In addition to working with our creators, it is important for us to use our social media in a meaningful way. Therefore, we will focus on giving back through our network. We want to make voices heard and draw attention to important and cool topics. Marketing tips will be rare on Instagram, I promise.

heyhey. Projects

In addition to managing campaigns, it is important to us to realise extensive and exciting projects and to create experiences. Together with our creators, we gather experiences, share moments and turn visions into reality. Our greatest motivation is happy partners, successful work and, above all, the fun of making things.

We only offer joint projects for our Creators. If you are not a Creator but still want to realise a project, please take a look at URBAN PROPAGANDA!

- Evelyn Selke x heyhey.


"BOWLYN" is derived from the name of the author, our creator Evelyn, and the theme around which it revolves - bowls. For the athlete, a healthy and balanced diet is the be-all and end-all of her lifestyle. She is particularly fond of the varied preparation options for breakfast bowls.

She shared her own recipes with her followers, especially those for bowls, which gave her the idea for the book, which was published in December 2021. In addition to recipes, it includes content such as her morning routine and a monthly planner to plan your bowls.

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Max Chillig Merch

With our creator Max Chillig, known on YouTube as AimBrot, we worked on his merchandise collection released in 2020. Inspired by his speciality, gaming, we worked closely with him to create cool designs that reflect his love for video games.

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- Max Chillig x heyhey.
- Laura Lehmann x heyhey.

la lou

la lou is the brand for first-time baby outfits for new parents, fashion-conscious mothers and a cosy home. Building on her affinity for sewing, our creator Laura Lehmann founded her own company with the support of heyhey. and has since fulfilled numerous customer wishes with handmade and very special pieces for young and old. Every working day in the studio in Stuttgart, interesting fabrics such as muslin, terry cloth and waffle are produced for you on demand with a love of detail.

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